The Bathroom Renovation: Plans

Keeping What We Can

My goal in general is to reuse what we have in order to prevent things from going to the landfill so we’re doing our best to work with what we’ve got. Luckily the layout of the bathroom works really well so there’s no need to change that.

These are photos of the current bathroom design. The plan in general is to paint the walls and probably the vanity as well, install a new light fixture, remove the towel bar and lower the shelf and add a new towel ring on the wall next to the sink. 

I then want to get new linens in either white or off-white. Right now we have a shower curtain in white, floor mats in off-white and towels in a range of random colors. Just by chance they at least happen to match some of the tiles in the floor at least but I’d really like it to be more intentional. 

I do like the art on the walls and I’d like to choose a paint color and linen color that ties these together somehow.

While I don’t love the tub, it’s still in good shape, along with the tile in the shower, so our plan is to keep that too. The grout is failing and starting to mildew and the caulk we used most recently was as green as you can get but unfortunately, it got mildewy very quickly. Our plan is to have the shower regrouted and recaulked. It’s still very important to us to choose as green a product as possible so hopefully we can find another that holds up better than this one did.

The floor tile in this bath wouldn’t be my first choice today but I don’t actually mind it and it’s still in pretty good shape. The plan right now is to have the floor grout refreshed and to repair the few missing tiles. 

Image: Room&Board

We really like our vanity and it’s also in good shape but when we originally hung it, we just stuck in onto the wall rather than installing it into a cut out. The plan is to finally hang it properly (recessed) assuming that works with whatever we find behind the wall. 

We want to replace the current light fixture with one that coordinates with the rest of the hardware in the bathroom. We found this one which is also very reasonably priced.

Finally, I’ve been very stuck on what color linens to choose and these are some of the ideas I’ve been playing with.