My Heroes & Mentors

This post is inspired by writer Derek Sivers — your heroes can show you the way you’re facing. Make a list of your heroes. Notice what they have in common. If all your heroes are doing the same thing, you might want to think about doing that too.

Maria Popova

Brain Pickings

I love that Maria took a hobby of hers that brought her great joy and turned it into a business that now shares that joy with others. She didn’t plan this, she just did what she loves and found that other people liked it too. A good reminder to follow what makes us happy and try to forget what other people think.

From Here’s How Maria Popova of Brain Pickings Writes:

“I’m not an expert and I aspire never to be one. As Frank Lloyd Wright rightly put it, “An expert is a man who has stopped thinking because ‘he knows.’” Brain Pickings began as my record of what I was learning, and it remains a record of what I continue to learn – the writing is just the vehicle for recording, for making sense.” 

Derek Sivers

Derek Sivers

Paul Lockhart 

Mathematician and Writer

Author of Mathematician’s Lament, an excellent book about the problem with the way mathematics is traditionally taught in schools. I wish I would have had a math teacher like him and hope to be the kind of teacher that he is.

Janet Lansbury

Janet Lansbury: Elevating Child Care

I found Janet’s work a couple of weeks before my son was born and it resonated with me right away. Though it wasn’t the typical way I’d seen others approaching their babies, I put the majority of RIE principles into practice from the first day my son was born and I can honestly say that it made parenting a complete joy. I’d heard from others that parenting was exhausting but I thank Janet’s blog and the RIE approach for giving me a completely different experience of parenting than other people led me to expect.

Magda Gerber

Magda Gerber

I was introduced to the work of Magda Gerber from one of her students, Janet Lansbury. Magda Gerber studied under Emmi Pikler in Hungary before moving to the United States where she created RIE from what she had learned from Pikler’s work with infants. 

Emmi Pikler

John Holt

Alfie Kohn

Alice Miller

Ivan Illich

Jean Liedloff

Sir Ken Robinson

Charles Eisenstein