Updated 7/16/20

Loving Parenting

My son is now almost 23 months and starting to talk and I love slowing down to toddler pace and hanging out with him.

Very interested in learning more about systemic racism and plan on reading Biased: Uncovering the Hidden Prejudice That Shapes What We See, Think, and Do which I just learned about while listened to early childhood educator, Janet Lansbury.

Exploring Chicago During COVID-19

I am figuring out outdoor things that my husband and I can do with a toddler during this crazy coronavirus time.

So far:

  • Kayaking at Wateriders which just opened their second location at Rockwell on the River about a mile north of where we live.
  • Rollerblading (me) & running (my husband pushing the stroller).
  • Walks around our neighborhood which is adjacent to the Chicago River.
  • Walks to Hamlin Park
  • Walk to the Logan Square Farmer’s Market followed by watching a jazz concert at Live on Logan.

Things still on our list to do:

  • Pontoon boat to explore the south branch of the Chicago River to the Calumet River or as far as we can go before our toddler gets restless (he seems to love the river and exploring so could be pretty far…)
  • Canoeing the Lemont Quarries with my dad.
  • Chicago Botanical Gardens

Learning About Education & Respectful Approaches to Childcare and Child Development

I am currently reading through a long list of books on education. I just finished Mathematician’s Lament by John Lockhart. I’m currently reading John Dewey’s Experience & Education and when I finish that, next on the list is Arithmatic, also by John Lockhart.

I will be attending the Play First Summit organized by Teacher Tom starting next week.

Meeting Other Parents Interested in Respectful Parenting & Independent Play

I am still very interested in respectful parenting and the RIE approach by Magda Gerber. Since the pandemic started, I’m no longer able to organize the RIE meetup group I was organizing so I joined a group at the RIE center in LA that meets weekly online.