Philosophies & People That Inform My Work

The Work of Magda Gerber

Resources for Infant Educarers (RIE)

The Work of Emmi Pikler

Child & Gross Motor Development

The Work Of Janet Travell

Trigger Point Therapy

Methods That Inform My Work

Mysore Style Yoga

Thai massage

A List of People Who’Ve Had a Major influence On ME & my work

These are people whose work has had a major impact on the way I think and what I believe or that I admire for their authenticity and way of expressing themselves in the world. 

John Holt
Alfie Kohn
Aletha Solter
Jean Liedloff
Emmi Pikler
Magda Gerber
Janet Lansbury
Sir Ken Robinson
Paul Lockhart
Seth Godin
John Taylor Gatto
Alice Miller
Pete Walker
Gabor Mate
Ivan Illich

John Bowlby
Theodore Lidz
Loren R. Mosher
Henry Stack Sullivan
Janet Travell
Andrew Taylor Still
Claire Davies
Christopher Alexander
Charles Eisenstein
Peter Bacon Hales
Maria Popova
Derek Sivers
Mark Manson
Marie Kondo