About Me


Hi, and thanks for visiting! This is my place to keep track of things I’m interested in and learning about. A record of sort of the books I’ve read, interesting people and ideas I’ve come across, and the things I’m thinking about or working on. I love learning and reading so there’s a wide variety of topics addressed here!

A little about me

I’ve held a number of professional roles over the years but now I’m primarily focused on being a mom to my almost two year old and learning everything I can about education, parenting and how we tend to think of childhood and learning in our culture.

I’ve been interested in educational theory for a long time but it’s taken on new meaning now that I have a child and I’m faced with decisions about how my husband and I choose to parent and how he will “become educated.” For more information on what I’m focused on now, check out my now page

Previously, I’ve worked primarily as a wine buyer and Thai massage/yoga trigger point pain therapist and instructor (to see my teaching CV, click here). I’ve also had roles as curriculum developer, marketing director, and photographer.

I studied Art History at the University of Illinois in Chicago where I focused on the History of Architecture and Photography/Film with a special interest in Semiotics. My plan was to go on to get my Masters in Architecture, but life had other plans. 

Other topics that are very important to me include local food, sustainable wine growing & winemaking, green architecture and the built environment, trigger point therapy & alternative approaches to addressing pain, and zero waste living.

A central theme that ties all of my work together is always sustainability and our impact on the planet and future generations. 

If you’re a fellow traveler on any of these paths, I’d love to connect! Please send a message, or check out one of my passion project websites: www.eatlocalchicago.com or www.authenticwine.org.

Work Background

  • Wine Merchant at 58 Degrees & Holding Co., Tucson, Arizona, 2005
  • Wine/Beer Buyer at A.J.’s Fine Foods, Tucson, Arizona, 2005-2006
  • Wine Buyer/Consultant to a number of wine shops in Chicago, 2006-2009
  • Private practice in bodywork & yoga for pain populations with the Trigger Point Therapy approach, 2009-2018
  • Taught workshops in Anatomy, Trigger Point Therapy & Thai Massage, 2009-2015
  • Curriculum developer for professional certifications in Thai Massage, Anatomy & Trigger Point Therapy with Thai Bodywork School of Thai Massage, 2009-2015
  • Leasing & Marketing Director at Podmajersky & The Chicago Arts District in Chicago, 2016-2018

Educational Background

  • RIE® Foundations: Theory and Observation™ (60-hour professional training), 2020
  • The Play First Summit (20 hours training), 2020
  • Studied classical voice with Janice Pantazelos at the Chicago School of Professional Singing, 2013-2014
  • 3 Singers Team Residency with Erica Mott Producations at the Reva and David Logan Media Center for the Arts at the University of Chicago, 2013
  • Braintan buckskin workshop with Scogin Zimmerman, 2013
  • Four Seasons Herbal Intensive with Jim McDonald, 2012
  • Yoga teacher training with Kino MacGregor, 2011
  • Certified Thai Bodywork Instructor with Thai Bodywork School of Thai Massage, 2010
  • Certified Clinical Thai Bodywork Therapist (Trigger Point Therapy informed) with Thai Bodywork School of Thai Massage, 2009
  • Certified Thai Bodywork Therapist with Thai Bodywork School of Thai Massage, 2009
  • Studied ashtanga yoga with many teachers including Lino Miele, Manju Jois, Petri Raisanen, Kino MacGregor, Richard Freeman, Tim Miller, 2008-2018
  • Certified Prenatal Yoga Instructor by Global Yoga with Rhonda Kantor, 2008
  • Certified Yoga Instructor by Global Yoga with Rhonda Kantor & Rita Knorr, 2008
  • B.A. in Art History, University of Illinois Chicago, 2004
  • Studied dance at numerous studios including the School of Movement and Music in Oak Park, IL, Primadonna Dance, Von Heidecke Ballet, University of Arizona Dance Program, Joel Hall in Chicago, Hubbard Street in Chicago, from 1984-current.