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This website is a record of my studies and thoughts regarding how we treat children, how they best learn and why we need to change how we approach childcare and education. It is a compilation of my thoughts and a resource of texts and people that have inspired me in the work they are doing regarding caring for our children.

From the moment they are born, children are incredibly competent, curious, intelligent explorers. I believe that children deserve to be treated with respect.

The best lesson that we can give our children is this: 

“You are competent. You have eyes and a brain and can figure things out. You know your abilities and limitations. Through your self-directed play and exploration you will learn what you need to know. Your needs are valued. Your opinions count. You are responsible for your own mistakes and can be trusted to learn from them. Social life is not the pitting of will against will, but the helping of one another so all can have what they need and most desire. We are with you, not against you.”―Peter Gray

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